Tunisia: as the ruling class manoeuvres at the top elements of dual power develop from below

Tunisia: as the ruling class manoeuvres at the top elements of dual power develop from below. Photo: Nasser Nouri.Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th saw the continuation of mass demonstrations all over Tunisia against the “new” national unity government and demanding an end to the RCD ruling party. Tens of thousands marched throughout the country under the slogan “RCD degagé” (Out with the RCD), clearly identifying the national unity government as a continuation of the old regime.

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Tunisia: reject the farce of national unity – continue the revolution until victory

As soon as Ben Alí was on the plane to Saudi Arabia on Friday, January 14th, ousted by the mass revolutionary movement of the Tunisian workers and youth, the Tunisian ruling class and its imperialist puppet masters started manoeuvring to make sure that they remained in control of the situation.

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The Assange case – what it means for socialists

The case of Julian Assange has been the subject of intense speculation and dispute in the media and also among sections of the Left. In order to take a correct position it is necessary to cut through the fog of propaganda and lies, to separate the essential from the secondary and to distinguish what is progressive from what is reactionary.

“Imperialistic activity by the President received another name. Republicans now simply called it ‘dollar diplomacy’.” (Beard, Basic History of the United States)

“How do you know I’m a diplomat?

“By the skilful way you hide your claws.” (Edmond Rostand)

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The insurrection in Tunisia and the future of the Arab Revolution

The marvellous revolutionary movement of the Tunisian workers and youth is an inspiration and an example to the whole world. For more than one week Tunisia has been living through a revolution of epic dimensions. The mass uprising in Tunisia has ended in the overthrow of the hated dictator Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali after 23 years in power.

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Venezuela: The lies of the counter-revolution answered

In January of this year an article appeared in the main bourgeois paper in Brazil that referred to me as “Chavez’s adviser”. A few weeks later the same story appeared on the front page of the Venezuelan opposition paper Tal Cual, edited by Todor Petkoff, who wrote the article. I answered Mr. Petkoff at the time. But, as a cynical journalist once said: why let the facts spoil a good story?

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