Socialist Appeal Aotearoa New Zealand is the name of our organisation and the name of our web site and our printed publications. 

Our organisation defends the ideas of Marxism and revolutionary socialism; in other words, the fight for the establishment of socialism in New Zealand, and at an international level, where the economic resources, the development of society and culture are under the democratic control of the workers and not in the hands of the multinationals, the big companies, banks, and the politicians which represent them, as is the case now.

Whilst it is necessary under capitalism to fight for reforms and defend hard won reforms which improve the working and living conditions of workers. In the final analysis only the socialist transformation of society can permanently solve the problems that we face under capitalism, and that's why it is necessary to nationalise the multinationals, and banks with compensation based upon proven need, so that all the wealth created can be democratically managed by workers, in a society based on human co-operation in solidarity and fraternity without exploitation or oppression,.

As an international group, we are in contact with Marxists from more than 30 countries throughout the world. We form an international group called: The International Marxist Tendency (IMT), that edits the web site 'In Defence of Marxism' ( The IMT fights to unite workers and youth internationally with the aim of pushing forward the struggle for socialism.


We understand that the fight for socialism and workers' control in New Zealand must be extended to the whole of the South Pacific. The comrades at Socialist Appeal NZ are committed to the common goal of the establishment of a Socialist Federation of the South Pacific linked to a World Socialist Federation.

If you are interested in discussing our ideas with us, distributing our publications in your workplace, university, neighbourhood or area, or joining our organisation, you can contact us.


See the New Zealand Perspectives  2023 for the latest Marxist political analysis on New Zealand.




Socialist Appeal Aotearoa New Zealand Stands for:


Push Labour to embrace a bold socialist programme!

Labour must break with big business and pro-capitalist economic policies.

For a programme of useful Public Works.

For a crash programme of constructing new infrastructure to meet the needs of New Zealand workers, such as schools, housing and hospitals, good transport infrastructure including roads, rail, ports and airports as part of an integrated public transport policy for the nation.


The right to work.

No to unemployment! Work or full maintenance for all and the sharing out of all available work without loss of pay.


Nationalisation of all workplaces threatened with closure under workers control and management.

Open all books to the Workers to reveal information about all the excessive profits, speculation and swindles to expose who is really responsible for the mess.


No to wage cuts or wage freezes.

The trade unions are to work out the real index of the cost of living in place of the official index which does not reflect the real state of affairs, with guaranteed wage rises to at least match this


A national living wage of at least two thirds of the average wage.

Replace minimum wage with a living wage that provides all New Zealanders with a decent standard of living.


Repeal Individual Employment Contracts enshrined in the Employment Relations Act 2000.

End casualisation of the workforce. Defend collective trade union bargaining in the workplace. Repeal all anti trade union legislation.


For a 32 hour week without loss of pay.

No compulsory overtime and voluntary retirement at 55 with a decent full pension  for all.


Education for all.

Fund our schools and colleges. End corporate encroachment into the classroom. Scrap tuition fees and loans, for living grants and life-long learning for all. No to private education.


The right to a decent home.

For a crash building programme of state houses, which are energy efficient and eco-friendly, and the introduction of fair rents in place of market rents for all.


Abolition of the Monarchy and the role of the Governor General.

Establish democratically run workers’ democracy and end colonial anachronisms.


The protection of Māori rights with regard to the Treaty of Waitangi.

We recognise the historical significance of the Treaty of Waitangi. Only by abolishing the capitalism system and the introduction of workers democracy and a democratic socialist plan of production can there be a cast iron guarantee of upholding the principles of the Treaty. To achieve this we call for the maximum unity of Māori workers and Pākehā workers in the fight for socialism.

Abolish the free market model for State Owned Enterprises (SOE).

Workers control and management of SOEs and integrated under a democratic socialist plan of production.


Break With the Anarchy of the Capitalist Free Market

Nationalise the big monopolies, banks and financial institutions that dominate our lives with compensation to be paid only on the basis of need. All nationalised enterprises to be run under workers control and management and integrated under a democratic socialist plan of production.


Action to protect our environment.

Only public ownership of the land and major industries, petrochemical enterprises, food companies, energy, transport, and primary production can form the basis of a genuine socialist approach to the environment.


Free health care for all.

For a fully funded public health system free at the point of use. As an immediate step abolish doctors fees, prescription charges and all private health care.


Socialist Internationalism.

For a socialist New Zealand linked to a Socialist Federation of the South Pacific as part of a World Socialist Federation.