Egyptian revolution reverberates throughout Arab world

Written by Fred Weston, 7th February 2011

Egyptian revolution reverberates throughout Arab world. Photo: Ramy Raoof.The Egyptian revolution, following on rapidly from the Tunisian uprising, has sent shockwaves across the whole of the Arab world. All the serious strategists of capital are discussing the “domino effect” of the events unfolding in Egypt. None of them, however, had anticipated any of this.

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The Egyptian Revolution: “The people want the downfall of the system”

Written by Alan Woods Friday, 04 February 2011

20110130-RamiRaoof-Army-tanks-in-Tahrir-sq-thThe masses have once again taken to the streets in the biggest demonstrations yet seen in Egypt. They call it the "Day of Departure". Already this morning Al Jazeera showed an immense crowd of people thronging Tahriri Square. The mood was neither tense nor fearful, but jubilant. The very instant Friday prayers finished the masses erupted in a deafening roar of “Mubarak out!” The few Mubarak supporters who were slinking on the streets outside the Square like impotent jackals could do nothing.

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The Battle of Tahrir Square

Written by Alan Woods Thursday, 03 February 2011

RamyRaoof - January 31 - graffiti of Mubarak“The sky was filled with rocks. The fighting around me was so terrible we could smell the blood.” With these words Robert Fisk describes the dramatic events in Tahrir Square, where the forces of the Revolution met the counter-revolution head-on. All day and all through the night, a ferocious battle raged in the Square and the surrounding streets.

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A Statement from the protesters at Cairo's Tahrir square to the Egyptian people

We have just received a statement by the revolutionary youth on Tahrir Square in Cairo. The marvellous movement of the workers and youth of Egypt is an inspiration to the whole world. It gives new hope to the exploited and oppressed, not only in the Middle East but everywhere.

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Egypt: A Pharaoh’s Nemesis

Written by Lal Khan Thursday, 03 February 2011

January 29 - Tank in Tahrir square - Photo: 3arabwyOne of the salient features of a revolution is that the masses conquer the fear of the state and repression. This has been graphically demonstrated on the streets of Egypt. At the same time the surge of a mass upheaval breaks the taboos in the psychology of the soldiers and the army begins to cleave on a class basis. A rare fraternity between the security forces and the masses, whom they are supposed to crush, develops as the revolution blossoms.

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